Art of Science

I’ve often joked that I’m a major disappointment to my parents: one is a musician, the other an artist.

I’ve chosen math and science for my career path.

Sorry guys.

But, I think there is beauty and art in just about everything we do, and certainly, this job requires quite a bit of creativity.  That’s probably why I enjoy the products of cell imaging.  In this months issue of The Scientist, the article Pixel Perfect was a perfect example of this.  A year’s worth of lab imaging submissions, and 4 prize-winning images that will astound you.

Even better was the article “Alive and in Focus“, bringing my lovely viruses into the picture with breakthrough imaging techniques.  I giddily pointed out these pictures to my emergency medicine pharmacist husband:

See that honey?  The pink?  That’s vaccinia virus!


Cannot get over the detail presented here.


To get the full details, jump over to the full articles by following the links above.

Maybe I can resolve the conflict between my passion and my heritage.  Science can be art after all.